The After Work Entrepreneur

The After Work Entrepreneur

DEFINING Your Own Success, BUILDING the Business You Love and ENJOY the things that really matters to YOU!

You know that it’s possible to build a business you love Out of Passion. And here’s how I am sharing with you how to do it!

Taking that first step to start your very own business sounds exciting and is also risky. Everyone else will tell you to just be contented and work for someone else in a company in the corporate world. What they didn’t tell you is that working for someone else is just as risky. Many trusting their future in the hands of their employer that their company will protect their rice bowl and source of income regardless and its your one and only source of income.

Sadly, when recession comes … some employees will be made redundant if not all at once when the company goes busted or bankrupted. No single one of us could be spared and that includes the CEO of the company (in cases where he’s not the company owner), he’s also at risk of losing his job or been SACKED! Hence Job security is no longer promised as it used to be with the demanding modern environment.

Instead of trusting your future to a company, why not decide to take charge of your own life and start a business doing something you loved to do for the longest time (and hopefully making money in the process) and you can always do so while holding on to your current 9 to 5 job and manage your own business from 5 to 9!

You may asked “What do you meant by managing my business from 5 to 9? That is my after work and sleeping time, that means I no need to sleep?” Not exactly … yes at the start you maybe overwhelmed with information you encountered and spend more hours after work in the night setting up your business. But you will be surprised that once you get the hang of the things involved in the business … you needs ONLY An Hour or Two Hours a day after work to put some efforts to maintain and working on it.

New challenges and problems are part of the business deal to test your patience and capability … you really don’t know what you will be expecting every day, and running your very own business will really open up your horizon to a brand-new world that you never know of, have never explore and expected to be in before. For me personally, it is truly an open eye! I really felt a sense of satisfaction whenever I overcome each new challenge in my entrepreneurship journey, I am also super excited to see that I made new sales where it tells me that its all worthwhile doing it for myself and my family.

Remember this: Like it or not a sale or money in the bank is the end result which is your report card. If there is no sales, there will no money made. So focus on why you did not make that sale while others did. What did they do differently from you which generated that sale?

In order to see more sales, we have to improve our skills and put in efforts to make it happen! Learn from those who have succeeded. Many people came to me for help, I teach them exactly what I did to make sales. Most gave up early as they did not have the patience and determination to make it happen!

To me, starting a business also meant the freedom to create the life of your dreams. You can always start your business small intentionally, or you can grow it into a global brand. You will need to invest! Many think that they can make sales and money out of nothing online, yes you can but it will take time, much longer than when you invested in paid traffic.

And once you find success in one business, you can scale and replicate your first successful business to a second business, or a third or a forth business … the possibilities are limitless. Whatever your goal is, the information that I share with you here will help you get there!

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