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``If there's anything that I could let you take back and remember today, it's that the only thing that's stopping you from accomplishing what you dearly desire is you! You are your only obstacle!`` ~ Desmond Loy

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Hello, my name is Desmond Loy.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife, daddy of 3, an IT professional and an entrepreneur online.

It all started in 2013 when I caught a dream of becoming an internet entrepreneur when I started exploring web hosting and creating websites on the internet. Traditionally many business are started offline and needed huge capital to kick start a business. However, now with booming of technology and Internet connectivity, it brings people across the globe closer together.

Now, whether you are a experienced business owner or a new kid on the block, starting a business is so much easier and cheaper. You just need to take action!

I signed up courses (both offline and online) and learn the ropes of Internet marketing in my journey to be an online entrepreneur. From affiliate marketing, direct marketing, CPA, eCommerce to website building. I learnt, I applied, I failed many times, making only little and not enough to cover my investments. I failed miserably.

Call it fortunate or a blessing, the hard work, efforts and investments are starting to pay off recently. All thanks to a mentor whom I found, who showed me what I was missing and what I was doing wrong. I am nothing special, just a ordinary person having zero experience in marketing but I do admit that my IT background does help me to pick up the technical aspects of setting up and use of the tools on the Internet. I listen, I apply what I was learning and the rest is history.

I love what I am doing now and I love to help others who are like minded to succeed as well. it's my ultimate reward.

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