10 Good Work Habits to Develop

10 Good Work Habits to Develop

Do You Practice Good Work Habits?


Regardless if you are working for yourself or for others, here are the basic skills all of us need to have:

Be Punctual

Be punctual for work, Be punctual and on time for meeting appointments – business or personal alike. Even better, be early. Start the day feeling relaxed and settled rather than rushing here and there.

Take Initiative

Take that Initiative to get things done and sorted out. Even if that means you have to pick up the pail and fill it up with water – just do it!

Be Neat and Clean

Making sure that your desk is neat, clean and pleasant. The same attitude applies to your working space or office including restrooms – use them considerately for others to use them as well.

Get Organised

The best indicator is to see if your desk, drawers and cabinets are cluttered and messy, or well-labelled and orderly.

Be Systematic

Having a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual as a guideline is always recommended. If based on verbal instructions, develop checklist of how a task should be done helps!

Working Efficiently

Think things through … develop this skill! By doing so, you will know how a series of tasks can be done in a faster, smarter and more convenient way – saving time, efforts and even resources at the end of the day. You can also achieve “Doing It Right One Time!”

Solving Problems

Understanding what you are doing and improvise on the existing work processes. Giving feedback, ideas and suggestions not only help contributes to come up with solutions but also skills up your personal abilities in solving issues and problems .. anytime!


Give people gentle reminders if they do not respond on time. Most people understand urgency and will help expedite matters if you underline the importance of the deadline.

Work Fast

Learn to work fast on routine jobs. But this does not meant that you should rush to get things done.

Be Accurate

Pay attention to details! Especially if you are dealing with dates, numbers and costing.

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