the abundance blueprint
 = mindset + health + money

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Mission Statement

Helping individuals and business owners to seek and achieve True Abundance in Mindset, Health and in Money.

Before leaping into any actions, you need to develop the right mindset for success, which is often the biggest key contribution factor.

Here you will be guided to to discover your why, develop the right mindset, and putting goals into actions.

Discovery of your why will be the force to drive you through every obstacles as you push forward towards your dreams!

Without health, life cannot be enjoyed. We all want to enjoy life, doing whatever it is you love.

Discover and know your body well. Love life, and live it to its fullest in happiness and health, this will lead you to a healthier lifestyle to freedom.

You work hard and save hard. But is it enough?

Do you know that you can leverage on money as a tool to make even more money without exchanging your time for it?

Ordinary people can earn extraordinary money if you know the other dozens of real ways to make money online and offline.

 = mindset + health + money

Who Am I?

I grow up in a typical low income family, kind of "brainwashed" by my parents and the education system in Singapore that by studying hard to get good grades, get a degree and you will get a good job, with good income.

Yes, getting a paper qualification is important in Singapore, no doubt as I worked hard and progressed in my career, I achieved a higher and higher salary but I felt uncomfortable and insecure. I still do have the passion and strong sense of responsibility in my corporate role, but been tied to a 9 to 5 office hours job and many times worked beyond the hours, somehow this is not the life that I desired. I wanted to do something that I am passionate in and to enjoy the lifestyle freedom with my loved ones. Money is nothing if you don't have health and time to spend it with your loved ones.

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Desmond is the founder of EighteenFunnels, Builderall Certified Partner in Singapore, a customer digital enabler marketing agency that empowers individuals and business owners to not just create their virtual presence but also established their authority in their niches online.

Desmond's mission is to help individuals and business owners to seek and achieve True abundance in Mindset, Health and in Money.

Along with the marketing agency, he is able to provide you DIY and DFY opportunities to help you with your challenges to bringing your businesses online to increase your revenue.

the abundance blueprint
= mindset + health + money

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